Eat Like a Pro

Virginia’s sports celebs dish on their favorite haunts and hangouts to help you make your next game-day plan a winner.

Lynn Symansky

Olympic equestrian and trainer, Handlan Farm 

Lyn Symansky  

Contributed photo 

For a pub night: Red Horse Tavern, Middleburg

“You always see someone you know, so that the table gets bigger and bigger as the night goes on. Plus, you sit down and they know your drink: I have a vodka soda water with a splash of grenadine and lime plopped down in front of me every time.” 540-687-6443

For pre-polo appetizers and drinks: Front Porch, The Plains

Out to dinner: The French Hound, Middleburg 

“Half price wine nights there are always a draw, because I am a lover of red wine.”

Ryan Kerrigan

Linebacker, Washington Redskins 

Ryan Kerrigan 

Contributed photo 

For (healthy) burgers: The Counter, Reston

“One-pound bison burger with pepper jack cheese, avocado, a bunch of fixings on a bowl of quinoa.”

For off-season golf: Lansdowne Resort, Leesburg

“I golf a lot. I’m a member of Lansdowne, and that’s usually where you can find me most off-season days.” 

Ali Krieger 

Photo by Cade Martin 

Ali Krieger 

Defender, Washington Spirit and the U.S. Women’s National Team 

Best bet in-season: True Food Kitchen, Fairfax

“I normally get the Panang curry with chicken. I also love the sparkling antioxidant tea and can’t resist the kale and avocado dip. So good! You can order just about anything there and know you’re eating something good for you that also tastes amazing.” 

Go-to coffee order: “Medium flat-white with coconut milk. Boom!”

Favorite hometown spot: El Charro, Dale City

“EL CHARRO! Best Mexican cuisine in town!” 703-680-0484

Ben Boudreau 

Assistant Coach, Norfolk Admirals 

Ben Boudreau 

Contributed photo 

For beers after games: Baxter’s Sports Lounge, Norfolk

“They show a lot of hockey, and they give some deals to the players.”

For fresh seafood: Catch 31, Virginia Beach

“When family comes to town, this is our go-to spot.”

For wine and pizza: Baker’s Crust, Chesapeake

“My girlfriend and I will get a margherita pizza with red wine. That’s right up our alley.” 

Todd “Parney” Parnell 

Vice President, Richmond Flying Squirrels  

Todd “Parney” Parnell 

Photo by Ash Daniel 

For breakfast: Moore Street Café, Richmond

“The best pancakes in the universe. U—ni—verse.”

For lunch: Kitchen 64, Richmond

“The salmon and tuna are to die for.”

For brunch: Poe’s Pub, Richmond

“One of the best-kept brunch secrets in Richmond.” 804-648-2120

For post-game brews: Hurley’s Tavern, Richmond

“The main bartender, Tray, is a town treasure.”

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