“Look! It’s, er, a dark snake!”



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What about the Kingsnake

I just read another article about Virginia snakes that are black and it mentioned the Kingsnake. Not mentioned here.

Hugh 20 days ago

Would a rat snake likely come back to the same place daily or would it be a different snake

Rat snake habbits

Marshal more than 5 years ago

Snake in mother-in-law's kitchen

It might have been two feet long hiding behind the electric mixer when my mother-in-law called and screamed for me to come and get the snake! That was a first! What was he looking for? It was hot outside and on the countertop, the temperature was cool. Also some food that got left out...well the black snake as I called it (but I know better now that I read the above story), was put out two blocks from my mother-in-law. No, I wasn't going to kill it..so, does that mean the snake will find its way back to the house?

George more than 10 years ago


Nearly all of Virginia's native snakes will shake their tail when they feel threatened.

Kory Steele more than 12 years ago

incorrect/broken link

I think the correct link is http://www.virginiaherpetologicalsociety.com/ .

Amy more than 12 years ago

which one...

which one mimics a rattlesnake by shaking its tail as if it had rattles?

more than 12 years ago

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