Bye-Bye, Fido!

Tips for boarding your pet safely.

Photo courtesy Holiday Barn Pet Resort

Customer experience manager Dan Stirling welcomes a guest to Holiday Barn Pet Resort.

For pet owners, summer vacation often means leaving beloved animals in someone else’s care. If you’re planning to take a pet to a kennel for the first time, you’ll need to make arrangements well in advance. 

Photos courtesy Holiday Barn Pet Resort

Zach Fuqua plays with day campers at Holiday Barn Pet Resort.

“We encourage owners who have never boarded their pets before to drop by and take a tour,” says Michael Hughes, owner of Holiday Barn Pet Resorts in Richmond. “We recommend that owners bring their pet to stay at the resort for one night so that the pets and owners are familiar with the facility when it’s time for a longer vacation.”

Also, find out the kennel’s policy for food and belongings. “If you bring your own food, we recommend that you package it in meal-size portions to help ensure we feed the same amount that you do at home,” says Hughes. 

Most importantly, learn the facility’s vaccination policies. “Some of the required vaccinations, such as respiratory bordetella and canine influenza, may not be ones that your veterinarian routinely administers,” explains Hughes. Some facilities may have a waiting period after visiting the veterinarian—at Holiday Barn, it is five days.

On your departure day, keep your farewell short and sweet, then take off on your vacation knowing your pet is in good hands.

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