A Nite With Daddy G



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Gene, Good to see you are still " playing up a storm ". Came across this article and had to say hello. Since the death of Sylvester Potts and his group closing up shop, I'm still playing locally and writing arrangements for vocalists and bands in the Detroit area. It was a true pleasure to play with you in the doo wop shows.
Sincerely, Dave DeClark, former trumpeter and arranger with the CONTOURS.

Dave DeClark more than 4 years ago

Quarter to Three

The juke box at the Cascade Plunge in Nashville TN had Quarter to Three. They played this song every other play. (LOUD). It's forever embedded in my brain. Great song. Now I know the story behind Daddy G.

quarter to Three.

quarter to Three

Donnie more than 6 years ago

My Music mentor

I am still influenced by your training. I do mostly guitar and once in a while piano. But I still remember the day the band played " have you ever had the blues" at an East Suffolk Baseball game at peanut park. That was the point at which I was able to improvise on the dreaded trombone. You may have heard me singing on TrueBlood, House and men of a certain age. Who would have thought at the time that I would be playing music at 70? Thank you

Bifford Scarborough more than 10 years ago

Eight grade English Student- Mr. Barge"s class

Mr. Gene Barge was my English teacher in 1958 when he taught briefly at Dear Old East Suffolk High School, as-well-as band director. We were all excited to know he was somewhat of a celebrity, with The Church Street Five. Also one of my sisters ( Ruth) dated Gary U.S. Bonds, around 1960-61. Good to see him still around. Also Saw him in several movies.." Above The Law" was one of them....

Brenda Jones-Scarborough Boone more than 10 years ago

Ole East Suffolk High

Hey Mr.Barge, I was a student of your in the band at East Suffolk High. You give me the French Horn and I couldn't stand that thing I wanted to learn to play the Sax.But that's alright I Pick up the Flute later on in life,and never master that either!!! It's nice to know that life has been good to you, and that you are still here to tell the story, and what a story. Peace

Walllace White more than 10 years ago

East Suffolk High School

I meet you in Sept 1960 at East Suffolk High School, you lead our band and later partner with Garry US Bond.

Carver Hyman more than 10 years ago

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