October 2015


Shooting Stick , by Alan Pell Crawford

The game of billiards has held Virginians in its thrall since the days of William Byrd II. Take our cue and rediscover the joy of chalking up at some of the state’s newest temples to the game.

Saving Sweet Briar , by Erin Parkhurst

An extraordinary alumnae-led effort saved Sweet Briar College from closing earlier this year. But its future is still uncertain: What lies ahead for the 114-year-old woman’s college?

State of Education

A special section featuring Top Schools & Colleges 201, a list of more than 150 of the most innovative programs across the Commonwealth.

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Kings of the Hill , by Phaedra Hise

The family behind Ben King, one of Virginia’s top pro cyclists.

Virginus Winterus Predictus , by Tricia Pearsall

To shovel or not to shovel? Only the seeds can tell.

A Festivus for the Best of Us , by Kara Lofton

Props for the Rocktown Beer and Music Festival.

The Bond of Sisterhood , by Bill Glose

Two sisters disguise themselves and fight in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

In the Groove , by Greg Weatherford

Tidewater’s Major and the Monbacks.


Profile | Back to the Future , by Taylor Pilkington

Symphonic composer Mason Bates creates sounscapes that are unmistakably his own.

Virginiana | In the Midnight Hour , by Alan Pell Crawford

Tales of the Gray Lady and other great Virginia ghosts.

Food | In the Gateaux , by Nicole Jessee

Recipes for luscious cakes crafted with rich chocolate, smooth caramel, tart raspberry lime and more. With photography by Mark Edward Atkinson.

Home | Passing Through History , by Joan Tupponce

Ben Lomond is a nearly 300-year-old estate in Essex County that has many tales yet to tell.

Sport | Me and My Arrow , by Don Harrison

Bowhunting is an ancient sport that rewards patience, instinct and skill.

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