October 2013


VCUQ , by Erin Parkhurst

VCU was one of eight elite Western universities to open a branch campus in the Arabian Gulf country of Qatar. We discover why as VCUQ celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Promised Land , by Caroline Kettlewell

Producing a world-class wine is only half the battle. The tough part, as Rutger de Vink of RdV Vineyards tells us, is convincing the rest of the world that you’ve done it.

State of Education

A new special supplement featuring Top High Schools & Colleges 2013, a list of nearly 150 of the most innovative programs in the Commonwealth.

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Capitol Comedy , by David Deal

The Capitol Steps tackle the nation’s political problems one nonpartisan at a time.

Mommie Dearest , by Caroline Kettlewell

It’s time to rethink the black widow’s lethal reputation.

A Passel of Pesky Paws , by Bland Crowder

Cat obsession causes civic unrest.

New American Saga , by Bill Glose

A Norfolk slave smuggles Confederate Navy blueprints to the North.

Put Your Lips Together, by Don Harrison

The Blue Ridge Folklife Festival showcases musical traditions.

The Sporting Life , by Sarah Sargent

The National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg will reel you in.


Profile | Point Man , by Shannon O’Neill

Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO and founder Michel Zajur builds bridges between communities.

Dining | L’Auberge Chez François , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Classically, unapologetically, French.

Food | Haute Veg

From a tent at Woodstock to a table at Bouley, meatless meals have earned caché.

Travel | Destination Dublin , by Tricia Pearsall

Walking the Wicklow Way, against the elements, toward Ireland’s capital.

Home | Nesting Instinct, by Kathleen Toler

The One Nest Project in Fauquier County could be the beginning of a revolution in green home design, transforming cold and sterile to stylish and inviting.

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