October 2011


To the Rescue , by Daisy Ridgway Khalifa

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal is contributing to the survival of some surprising species.

Spirit of C’Ville , by Sarah Sargent

Charlottesville is a city that has preserved its small town charm despite its very cosmopolitan profile. A look at the zeitgeist of this smart and stylish enclave.

King Coal , by Ben Swenson

It is Virginia’s most valuable natural resource, but to the people whose lives have been built around the pursuit of this shiny black rock, it is the bedrock of a culture.

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River Runner , by Clarke C. Jones

World Champion canoe slalom racer Jon Lugbill is that rare combination of risk-taker, leader and visionary, but he’s not resting on his laurels.

The Golden Vine , by Caroline Kettlewell

The wild grape is a runaway with potential.

Venomenal! by Bland Crowder

And they thought Cleopatra was in da nile.

Covert Operative Tells All , by Bill Glose

Former member of an elite subset of the already highly selective Navy SEALs lauds his comrades in arms for their mental and physical stamina and their love of country.

Arrested Movement , by Sarah Sargent

It is a period of crisis for Kiara Pelissier, whose art seeks to draw out the soul of the material she works with.


Profile | A Vintner’s Vintner , by Mary Burruss

Gabriele Rausse has been dubbed “The Father of the Modern Virginia Wine Industry,” and with good reason: He’s been involved in the startup of numerous wineries, including his own, since he first came to Virginia from his native Valdagno, Italy in 1976.

Virginiana | Dimpled, Dull and … Delectable? by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Virginia’s heirloom apples are making a comeback.

Food | A Beautiful Marriage , by Kendra Bailey Morris

As enjoyable as virginia wines are all by their lonesome, they get even better when expertly paired with another one of Virginia’s culinary claims-to-fame: our cheese.

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