October 2003


Tysons Tale , by Garland Pollard, Ames Arnold

Enclosed or open, the mall dominates the Virginia suburb after World War II. Plus, an ode to Seven Corners.

Blue Ridge , by Elizabeth Cogar, Deborah R. Huso & Susan Dean Elzy

Fall means leafy drives. What better time to head to the mountains?

Two Wineries Uncorked , by Laura Parsons

Virginia wine country has everyone really stomping. And two Albemarle wineries are taking different paths to high cork counts.

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Museum’s Witty Mellon Curator , by Sibella Giorello

Cormack reaped top art for VMFA.

Making Backyard Tracks , by Andrew Arvesen

Tied up with garden railroads.

Hurricane Strikes Able to Make History , by Eden Stuart

Virginia geography sometimes made in monsoon months.

Virginia’s Elusive Deer Tiger , by Emily M. Grey

Forest King now as rare as bigfoot.

Charlottesville, Music City? by Dan Daley

Recording studio worthy of L.A. comes to town. New bait for the hook?


Virginiana | Air Power , by Jo Ann M. Hofheimer

A lot of rockets (and missiles and planes) in this parking lot.

Food | These New Virginia Cookbooks Dig Apples , by Tiffany Sumner

Delicious recipes, tasty to the core.

Travel | Finding the Maximum Me in Costa Rica , by Megan Lisagor

It’s a short trip to the Switzerland of Central America.

Design | A Temple for Reading , by Deveron Timberlake

A stunning classical library is one of the great traditions of the Virginia house. But what to do if you live in a small frame cottage in a working class neighborhood like Richmond’s Oregon Hill?

Dining | Tea Time in British Virginia , by Meg Woolfolk

With a setting of Willow Ware plates and Chippendale chairs, Jean Reitmeyer recreated in Williamsburg something from a gentler era – the tearoom.

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