June 2017


Tobacco State , by Eric J. Wallace

Tobacco was once Virginia’s top cash crop, and though its cultivation has waxed and waned in the more than 400 years since John Rolfe first planted Nicotiana tabacum , tobacco farmers today carry on that legacy.

Property and Home 2017

Over-the-top specialty rooms, luxe outdoor living spaces, new uses for rooms from bygone eras, reclaiming lost space and more. Plus, distinctive real estate listings and a look inside Four Acres, an elegant family retreat in Charlottesville.

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A New Season , by Joan Tupponce

Following roles in hit TV shows Royal Pains and Pure Genius and in the touring version of Broadway’s Bombay Dreams, trained opera singer and actress Reshman Shetty is ready for a new challenge.

Wandering Warblers , by Caroline Kettlewell

These featherweight frequent fliers go the distance.

Style is Eternal , by Erin Parkhurst

Yves Saint Laurent exhibition makes only East Coast stop at VMFA.

Journey Down the James , by Eric J. Wallace

James River Batteau Festival gears up for its 32nd trip downriver.

Talk About a Revolution, by Erin Laray Stubbs

The summer season kicks off in historic Yorktown with a new museum and a slate of special events.


Virginiana | Saving Selma , by Robert Nelson

Saving historic Selma Plantation in Loudoun County.

Sport | VRI , by Taylor Pilkington

Historic sportscar racing at Virginia International Raceway in Danville.

Travel | Snow Country , by Alan Pell Crawford

In Japan, modernity and history blend to create a haunting harmony.

Home | Old World Charm , by Marissa Hermanson

Jimmy Fang and Terry Tang have created a neoclassical waterfront oasis in Williamsburg.

Food | Chill Out , by Phaedra Hise

Recipes for cool summer soups, including carrot, coconut and lime; green pea and watercress; and blackberry with sweet corn ice cream.

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