June 2016


Soul of the Bay , by Taylor Pilkington

How a group of devoted waterman rescued the Linda Carol, one of the Chesapeake Bay’s most storied historic buyboats, and others like her that plied the waters for nearly 50 years.

Property and Home 2016

A special supplement spotlighting luxury living in the Commonwealth. Featuring exclusive real estate listings, market trends, industry leaders and a look inside Albemarle County equestrian estate.

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Work in Progress , by Joan Tupponce

Despite 16 bestselling books, the hit film Big Stone Gap and a slew of successful TV shows, author Adriana Trigiani says she has only just begun.

Ready, Aim, Sting! by Caroline Kettlewell

Paper wasps pack some zing.

Get Pickled , by Taylor Pilkington

They may be bubbling, sour and a wee bit smelly, but it’s time to give fermented foods a chance.

Out of this World , by Robert Nelson

Aerospace technology fuels the summer’s thrills at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Fine Lines , by Rebecca J. Ritzel

East and West merge in the contemporary works of Reston’s Gin Dance Company.


Profile | Filling the Frame , by Cathy Welch

Look photographer Robert Lerner talks to us about the golden age of photojournalism.

Fashion | Building Beauty , by Daryl Grove

The high-concept, high-tech designs of Chromat’s Becca McCharen are turning heads in the fashion world.

Food | Good Tidings , by Chef J Frank

The flavors of Latin America inspire casual entertaining with dishes that invite guests to linger in the last fire-tinged rays of early summer’s setting sun. With photography by Mark Edward Atkinson.

Spirits | Mixing It Up , by Dean King

Cocktail artisans at Richmond’s Heritage, Dutch & Co., Maple & Pine and Shagbark innovate bold new flavors. With photography by Fred + Elliott.

Travel | New Life In Old Bourdeaux , by Kimberley Lovato

A visit to Paris’ sassy little sister to the south proves ther’s more to this Old World wine city than what’s poured in a glass.

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