June 2012


Iron Horses , by Gary Robertson

The O. Winston Link Museum in Roanoke will publish a new book of never before seen images from the iconic photographer who documented the end of the era of steam locomotives.

Moto Mojo! by Daryl Grove

When the gate falls and bikes scream forward in the high-energy sport of motorcross, the competition is on. It’s exciting, gritty, loud and, surprisingly, oftentimes a family affair.

Summer’s Siren , by Christopher Pala

The Chesapeake Bay crab population came perilously close to collapse. But a mission to restore one of our favorite crustaceans has succeeded, and so preserved a summer tradition.

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Fair Winds & Following Seas , by Aynsley Miller Fisher

International sailing star Rives Potts has won the sport’s top honors, criss-crossing the world’s oceans and competing in the toughest conditions. But today, sailing for Potts is a family affair, and his sloop Carina , with his son and nephew at the helm, is ready to defend the title at the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race.

Run, shad, run! by Caroline Kettlewell

The American shad journeys long and far.

Starboard Return , by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden Bosch

Crisp nautical motifs rule the waves this summer.

Ramp Up! by Bland Crowder

Stinky, yes, but thousands head to the Virginia Hills each May to honor a native mountain leek.

A Hit and Run in Jersey , by Bill Glose

A reporter investigates a murder, and finds the death may be tied to his newspaper.

Fabulist Thinking , by Sarah Sargent

Megan Marlatt works in multiple media and genres, but always spins stories that both delight and challenge.


Interview | Back to the Shore , by Mark Edward Atkinson

Captain of industry Furlong Baldwin is investigating in a new project–the economic development of one of Virginia’s poorest areas, Northampton County, where his family has lived for 11 generations.

Dining | Don’t Mind If I Doughnut , by Greg Weatherford

Step aside cupcake, the artisan doughnut is the new trendy treat.

Food | Figs, Glorious Figs , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Where would we be without the fig? Well, to start with, embarrassed, if you’re Adam or Eve. Or Michelangelo’s David. Indeed, what fruit–except the apple–has the distinguished provenance of the fig? It features prominentlyy in the history of man, from the Garden of Eden to the Sumerian civilization 3,000 years B.C., through the Renaissance and to your kitchen table.

Travel | The Land of Princes , by Tricia Pearsall

The state of Rajasthan, India, is filled with histroy, legends and architectural opulence.

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