June 2011


A Need for Speed , by Joe Tennis

Nascar grabs all the headlines, but the real roots of stock car racing can be found at small dirt tracks like Wyth Raceway, where drivers spend more than they win to indulge a passion.

Chesapeake Waterman, by Glen McClure

Photographer Glen McCure spent nearly a year taking pictures of the humble and hard-working people who make their living fishing, crabbing and working the docks on the Chesapeake Bay. His portraits of people he calls “an endangered species” are honest and compelling.

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A Man for All Seasons , by Erin Parkhurst

Former Atlanta Braves closer and seven-time All-Star, Billy Wagner, retired last year and threw himself into his other passions–his family and the Second Chance Learning Center.

“Look! It’s, Er, A, Dark Snake!” by Caroline Kettlewell

Virginia has some black snakes, just don’t call them that.

Dogged Appreciation, by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden-Bosch

Canine-inspired style worthy of the honor “Best in Show.”

The Exploits of ‘Mista Cholly,’ by Bland Crowder

Despite physical challenges, Charlie Montgomery was an all-star in every way.

Disorder in the Court, by Bill Glose

A retired judge takes a decidedly light look at his life on the bench.

Itinerant Eyes , by Sarah Sargent

Tanja Softic’s contrapuntal prints reflect her immigarnt life of adaption and change.


Sport | En Garde! by Richard Ernsberger Jr.

Fencing is one of the world’s oldest sports, but it has always been a peripheral one in America, perhaps because it is not made for TV. However, owing to several factors its popularity is slowly growing. And one needn’t be young to fence–just agile, tactical and tough.

Interview | Bullish on the Beach , by Peggy Sijswerda

Does Kind Neptune rule at Virginia Beach, or is it developer and timeshare impresario Bruce Thompson? Togetehr with city officilas, Thompson is keen to bring more upscale development to a resort area trying to shed its reputation as a “redneck Riviera.”

Dining | In Praise of Greasy Spoons

Nearly every town has got a family-owned diner or eatery that’s been around for decades, serving decent (or better) food quickly and inexpensively. In an age of retro, these are the real deal.

Food | Summer to Savor

We don’t have that many picnics, so forget about calories and cholesterol for one blissful afternoon.

Home | A Twist on Tradition , by Ann Wright

A new Shingle Style home in Virginia Beach isn’t quite what it seems. The exterior, with its rustic, unpainted shingles, is a touch of waterfront classic–but the interior is open and bright and surprisingly contemporary.

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