June 2010


A Thrilling Obsession , by Jane Joel Knox

How does one become a serious art collector? It takes a passion for the beauty produced by the human hand, of course–and maybe also a good night at a craps table.

Lost World , by Joe Tennis

Burke’s Garden is an isolated, beautiful, high-altitude enclave almost totally off the modern grid. And that’s fine with its 300 residents.

“Striking Power” , by Ben Swenson

With half of the U.S. Navy’s tactical fighter jets, NAS Oceana is one of the country’s biggest and most important military installations. A top-down look at a base where Hornets swarm.

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Groove Man , by Ned Oldham

When not hanging with friends, William “Pooh” Johnston can be found playing viola or blues guitar, composing sound tracks, cooking and raising oysters near his historic Eastern Shore home.

Little Suckers , by Christine Ennulat

Know your blood-sucking parasites.

Saving the Shade , by Bland Crowder

A treetop gambit by Shenandoah greens.

family Furnishings , by Bill Glose

Sorting through her late mother’s possessions, a writer discovers half-forgotton ancestors and memories hidden in “humble objects.”

Wild Emotion , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Sculptor Diana Reuter-Twining specializes in bronze works that reflect the “beauty, mystery and grace” of the animal world.


Sport | Stroke by Stroke , by Caroline Kettlewell

A midlife dive into the rigors of distance swimming.

Industry | A Perfect Fit , by Ann Wright

Twenty years ago, Sarah McCaleb Baldwin started making classical motif mosaics. Today, New ravenna Mosaics, based in rural Northampton County, produces a luxury product sought by America’s top architects and interior designers. Success has turned Baldwin into a businesswoman, but it’s still the art that she treasures most.

Profile | Piedmont Maverick , by Suzanne Gannon

Sandy Lerner likes pushing boundaries. She made a fortune in the male-dominated high-tech industry, started a grungy cosmetics line, rescued Jane Austen’s brother’s house in England. Now at Ayrshire Farm, this strong-willed entrepreneur promotes sustainable farming.

Food | Berry Unlikely , by Christine Ennulat

Sweet twists on the simplest summer fruits.

Virginiana | Mr. Dodo and the Rototiller , by Caroline Kettlewell

What to do with an ailing peregrine falcon, or an injured white-tailed deer? Since its founding in 1982, the Wildlife Center of Virginia has been the place to take wild animals that need intensive care. Thecenter has treated some 55,000 animals over the years, and is one of the world’s leading research and training hospitals for veterinary medicine. Watch those talons!

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