June 2003


Arsenal of Democracy , by Garland Pollard

America is quite proud of our military in Iraq. Want to see how it works? Check out Virginia Living ‘s guide to military tours and sights in Hampton Roads.

Truly Marlboro Country , by Scott Bass

On the eve of its return to Richmond, the world’s best-known tobacco company, Philip Morris, is fighting for its life again.

Tangier Dreams , by Ryan Croxton

A search for a National Geographic cover boy led to a fresh look at the island of Tangier. What is the future of this marshy, peaceful Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay?

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Many Kodak Moments , by Jake Denton

This is the first beach season where you’re in the picture.

Ballpark History , by Sean Ryan

How Richmond almost got Babe.

The Legend of Waving Man , by Sam Bishop

Wondering where a roadside fixture went.

Amazing Spider Wort , by Paula Steers Brown

Spin on Tradescantia Virginiana shows plant with royal pedigree.

Curtain Call, by Kim A. O’Connell

While many of Virginia’s grand old movie palaces have found new lives, Bluefield’s Colonial, like many, is flickering away.


Sport | Roadster Fun , by Heather McIver, Tyler Darden

The revival of a storied race track.

Arts | Chincoteague , by Elizabeth Sutton

When Fox came to film the story of Misty.

Dining | Roanoke , by Henry Waller, Cara Modisett

Metro! is the new and stylin’ leopard-print eatery. Plus, a roundup of other great spots.

Beauty | Poplar Springs , by Tyler Scott

An enchanting and restful sport for a spa.

Food | Top Books , by Meg Woolfolk

The top 15 Virginia cookbooks. Please, no fistfights.

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