February 2012


Walking by Faith , by Guy Schum

Mennonites have lived in the Shenandoah Valley for more than 250 years, but there is a lot that many do not know about the “Plain People.” A look at the blend of tradition and modernity that comprises contemporary Mennonite life.

Winter Wonderland, by Joe Tennis, Daryl Grove and Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Come with us as we visit The Greenbrier, The Homestead and Wintergreen Resort for three high-altitude weekends of winter fun.

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Smart Moves , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

VCU Head Men’s Basketball Coach Shaka Smart looks to repeat last season’s success, but his biggest worry has little to do with basketball.

Rethinking the Leaves of Three , by Caroline Kettlewell

Poison ivy should be admired–from a distance.

Winter Heat, by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden-Bosch

Whetehr you’re breaking away to Bora Bpra or sailing to the Seychelles, warmer climes beckon as the temperature plunges..

What a Dump! by Bland Crowder

Burglar’s booty stashed in trash.

Boom Towns Go Bust, by Bill Glose

Authors Terri Fisher and Kirsten Sparenborg work to “passively preserve” 30 former Virginia boomtowns that have fallen on hard times.

Renaissance Woman , by Sarah Sargent

Carol Burch-Brown’s Oeuvre includes so many areas of art, music and technology that to incorporate them all and excel at each is to be a master juggler.


Bride & Groom | “Welcome to the Navy, Ma’am,” by Valerie Hubbard

U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Chris Domencic and his wife, Rachel, look back on their romantic military wedding.

Profile | Walter Reed , by Mary Miley Theobald

Virginia’s all-time “Top Doc.”

Town | A Day in the Country , by Daisy Ridgway Khalifa

Keeping it simple is no small task in the modest town of The Plains.

Food | A Walk on the Wild Side , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Wild game dishes that will whet your winter appetite!

Home | Whimsey Meadow , by Catriona Tudor Erler

Two reclaimed 18th-century barns have bee transformed into a modern and spacious home that pays homage to its historic provenance,

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