February 2004


Virginia’s Ringling , by Joan Tupponce

The circus is coming to town – actually it is always in town with Kenneth Feld and Virginia-based Feld Entertainment.

Vintage Boar’s Head , by Jo Ann M. Hofheimer

The Charlottesville resort is offering up weekends of wine and culinary education.

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In the World Arena , by John Toivonen

Vienna never saw such a soccer coach.

Mediterranean Fight , by Thomas Prunier

The first war on terror?

Potato Chips, Family Made , by Alexandra Walker

Sarah Cohen presides over the smallest potato chip operation in Amerca: Route 11 Potato Chips.

Northern Diamondback Terrapin , by Emily Grey

Buffaloes of the bay were once tasty soup delicacy.

Nick’s Carried Away , by Elizabeth Cogar

Neon compass rose points to heaven.


Travel | Panhandle with Care , by Deveron Timberlake

Florida’s west is getting to be rather spiffy.

Beauty | No Shack, this is Sugar House , by Ann Cochran

Sweet pampering at Alexandria’s Sugar House, the day spa.

Food | Honey, It’s Mead , by Deveron Timberlake

Yes, that mead from the middle ages, in Virginia.

Towns | Petersburg’s Easy-to-Find Revival , by Peter Barton

A visit to the former home of Kool cigarettes, a town coming into its own again.

Food | Chef of State , by Deveron Timberlake

The governor has a chef of note. Plus recipes.

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