December 2011


Wetland Wonder , by Mac Carey

The enigmatic Great Dismal Swamp has been rescued by agriculture and invasive species, and is slowly returning to its roots thanks to a noble private-public partnership.

The Modern Supper Club, by Lisa Anotnelli Bacon

The 21st centiry version of this classic social gathering is more than an elegant affair; it is a way to forge deeper connections betwen friends.

Life of a Dancer , by Erin Parkhurst

Dancers make their artlook effortless on stage, but to do so requires a lifetime of hard work. A look into the world of la belle danse .

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For the Love of Scots , by Mary Burruss

David McKenzie, Master of Ceremonies for Alexandria’s Annual Scottish Christmas Walk, will do anything to preserve Scottish heritage.

Who You Callin’ “Least”? by Caroline Kettlewell

The least weasel may be cute, but it’s a killer.

New Adventures, by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden-Bosch

Revive the classic style of Belgium’s best known and beloved cartoon character as applied to 21st century sensibilities..

A Hurt Husband’s Revenge , by Bland Crowder

Cuckold tries a little home-wrecking of his own.

Prada Heels in Cow Fields, by Bill Glose

A Jersey girl goes along with a plan to move from New York City to a farm in Central Virginia, but refuses to give up her city style.

Prosaic to Poetic , by Sarah Sargent

Hampton Roads painter James Warwick Jones combines a photorealist style with artifice to reveal the beauty in his work day subjects.


Virginiana | Swannanoa , by Brooke C. Stoddard

The Blue Ridge Palace of Love and Good Vibrations.

Profile | Pioneering Woman , by Gary Robertson

Grandma Moses broke the glass ceiling from down on the farm.

Dining | A Soupçon of Spectacular , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

The Spanish have tapas; the Chinese, dim sum. Italians have piattini and greeks, the mezze. What does American cuisine have to offer as a match? Increasingly, the answer is small plates.

Travel | Nomading Mongolia , by Tricia Pearsall

In the 13th century, Genghis Khan united the nomadic trives of northeast Asia and found the Mongol Empire. Today, Mongolia is a post-Soviet democracy where modern cities exist alongside mountainous terrain inhabited by nomads.

Town | Town & Country , by Broocks Willich

Tucked into a lush mountain landscape, Shack Mountain is a graceful Jeffersonian classic. But this hidden historical gem is also just a couple of miles from Charlottesville, giving it the best of both worlds.

Garden | A Feast for the Eye , by Paula Steers Brown

Thanksgiving-inspired tablescapes that invite your guests to linger.

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