December 2003


Paul Ebert , by Scott Deckman

An interview with the newsmaking Commonwealth’s Attorney of Prince William.

Cruising Norfolk , by Garland Pollard

For years, Hampton Roads has sought service from cruise lines. In 2004, it finally happened. Careful what you wish for.

New Nutcracker , by Neely Barnwell Spruill

The Richmond Ballet puts on a mega-spectacular each Christmas. This year, the state favorite gets even better.

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Nashville Hitmaker , by Joan Tupponce

Virginia’s still in Phil Vassar.

U-2 Legacy Lives , by Jake Denton

Fairfax warms up to Cold War Museum.

Ornaments Without Ornament , by Susan Dean Elzey

Christmas trees grow in Danville.

Boards Brewed from Dublin , by Karis Trumbo

Guinness woodwork is bottom of barrel.

Hey, Kids, Let’s Put on a Show , by Laura Parsons

A Cape Charles theater revival.


Travel | Great Scot , by Jim Wamsley

It’s a PerryGolf golf cruise in Scotland.

Food | Tasty Tidings of the Season , by Phaedra Hise

Ring or go online for the tastiest food from around the state.

Virginiana | At the Miller & Rhoads Museum , by Neely Barnwell Spruill

For over 100 years, Miller & Rhoads and Thalhimers were the center of a particular Virginia style of fashion.

Towns | Alexandria Bustles Anew , by Tracey Edgerly Meloni

While any time’s a good time, holiday time is the best time to visit Alexandria.

Sport | A Primland Primer , by Clarke Jones, Tom Prunier

This Southwest Virginia outdoors resort has long and colorful history dating to colonial times.

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