August 2016


Hungry for More , by Tricia Pearsall

A visit to Hungry Mother State Park in Marion reveals surprisingly sylvan luxury, the gustatory pleasure of braised wild hog backstrap and the cure for getting “skunked.”

Fill ‘Er Up!

Tucked into gas stations, convenience stores and rustic highway outposts around the state, these 16 roadside eateries deliver made-from-scratch food fast for your summer roadtrips.

Dental Health 2016

How often is too often when it comes to teeth whitening? Do bubbly drinks erode tooth enamel? Do we really have to brush twice a day? Our dental myth busters answer these questions and more.

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The Man in the Sea , by Robert Nelson

Morgan Wells is one of America’s first aquanauts and a world-class scientist, but at home in Mathews County, he is known more for growing figs than for his undersea adventures. The double life of a diving pioneer.

Forgotten Fruit , by Caroline Kettlewell

The underappreciated mulberry is due for a delicious comeback.

East Meets West , by Sandra Shelley

Norfolk’s pagoda re-opens with a new restaurant.

Map of the Music , by Don Harrison

Carl Hamm explores the “Pop Yeh-Yeh” sounds of Malaysia and beyond.

Who Is the Virginia Man? by Erin Parkhurst

Find out in an exhibition at the Valentine Museum.


Profile | Unflappable , by Rebecca J. Ritzel

With a 2016 Tony Award nomination for her role in one of Broadway’s hottest shows, singer and actress Adrienne Warren’s star is on the rise.

Industry | Crash Town , by Mac Carey

In Ruckersville, cars vie for teh Academy Award of the automotive industry—the title of “Top Safety Pick.”

Food | Amazing Grains , by Phaedra Hise

In praise of amaranth, barley, sorghum and other heirloom grains. With photography by Fred + Elliott.

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