August 2014


A Shore Thing , by Mark Edward Atkinson

Back roads and byways, characters, cottage industries and culinary finds … Join us as we uncover the secret splendor of the Eastern Shore.

Man & Machine , by Greg A. Lohr

Tractor pulling is not about speed. Distance and power carry the contest. fueled by grit and raw determination. The lowdown on where top find the heaviest motorsport in the Commonwealth this summer.

Dental Health Special!

The latest in cosmetic dentistry options for adults, treating dental anxiety, the oral-systematic health connection, dentistry’s role in treating sleep apnea and more. Plus, Top Dentists 2014!

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Chef Célèbre , by Whitney Pipkin

Chef David Guas of Arlington’s Bayou Bakery is on a roll.

Fungi Roulette , by Caroline Kettlewell

What doesn’t kill you makes for a nice salad.

Nightgowns vs. Nightcaps , by Bland Crowder

Swapped suitcases cause stir in Staunton.

To Topple A King , by Bill Glose

Scouring medieval London for a book of murderous (and royal) prophecy.

Elegantly Rendered , by Sarah Sargent

Francie Hester’s work explores the concepts of time and memory.


Style | Bathing Beauties , by Eden Stuart

Stay cool in the heat.

Dining | Hot Dog Dynasty , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

A legendary restaurateur celebrates 80 years of history.

Food | Salad Days of Summer , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Like art, the creation of a salad is a personal. Perfectly cool and crisp recipes for the days of high summer.

Profile | The Power of Possibility , by Joan Tupponce

Mega-watt music star and Virginia Beach native son Pharrell Williams is helping kids believe in themselves.

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