August 2013


Now Showing! by Don Harriosn

Virginia’s classic drive-in theaters, from the historic Moonlite Theatre in Abingdon to the Goochland Drive-In Theatre, our newest outdoor big screen, are trying to modernize for the 21st century. But can they survive in the digital age?

Dental Health 2013

The 30th anniversary of Operation Smile, fun facts about Colonial-era dental care, a very artful dentist and veterinary dentist gone wild. Plus, news of the latest advances in dental technology and Virginia’s Top Dentists, a list of hundreds of the state’s top practitioners.

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Craft Work , by Greg A. Lohr

For Norfolk craft brewer Kevin O’Connor, an undergraduate pastime grew into a passion that has put him at the head of a flourishing business.

Ol’ Red Eyes Is Back , by Caroline Kettlewell

The multitudinous mischief of Magicicada.

Back to Basics , by Bland Crowder

Looking beyond a fair’s gewgaws and fakirs to its lifeblood.

Paying the Price , by Bill Glose

A pair of teenage girls fights to bring a town bully to justice.

Brass in Pocket by Don Harrison

No BS! Brass Band marches to its own beat.

The Art of Now , by Sarah Sargent

Old becomes new again in Brian Dettmer’s Virginia MOCA exhibition.


Events | Around the State

Our picks for the most interesting goings-on this season.

Profile | Toast of the Town , by Joan Tupponce

Entrepreneur Sheila Johnson is set to open Virginia’s newest luxury resort, but that’s not all the hotelier and former media maven is bringing to Middleburg this year.

Virginiana | For Love of the Game , by Ben Swenson

Vintage base ball celebrates the soul of the sport.

Food | How Sweet It Is , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Wondering what to do with melon? Let it be.

Home | The Literary Life , by Erin Parkhurst

Keswick’s historic Castle Hill was once home to a famous penwoman who held everyone she met in her thrall. Today, that legacy has been revived for a new generation.

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