August 2011


Into the Woods , by Christine Stoddard

One of the state’s best assets–Shenandoah National park–is 75 years old. An invigorating visit to a large patch of splendid nature.

Hop on Board , by Stewart Ferebee

Virginia Beach does not have big waves, but it does have a rich history of surfing–its where East Coast surfing got its start. An epic retrospective!

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Commanding Attention , by Peggy Sijswerda

Capt. Mary M. Jackson, Commanding Officer of Naval Station Norfolk, concentrates on her (big) job and not her gender.

Stabbed from Behind , by Caroline Kettlewell

There’s nothing endearing about the deer fly.

Stripes, S’il Vous Plait , by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden Bosch

Warm weather and the lure of the Mediterranean motif.

In the Dog House , by Bland Crowder

Woman fined a fin for cussing cop on pup patrol.

Shearing the Flock , by Bill Glose

In this withering satire, a Harley Davidson-riding con man makes millions as the head of a faith-healing ministry, until he gets his comeuppance.

Object Lessons , by Sarah Sargent

VCU’s Richard Roth is a teacher, author, designer, collector and post-modern painter. Did we miss anything? Yes–and he doesn’t take himself too seriosuly.


Virginiana | Let’s Shag! by Erin Parkhurst

It’s synonymous with beach music, can be performed in anything from gowns to shorts, and is as old-time southern “as pouring salted peanuts into a sweating bottle of ‘co-cola.’” The shag may have waxed and waned over its long history, but it is still going strong.

Interview | Witty Professors , by Sara Jackson

Think history is dull? You haven’t heard the three jaunty academics who’ve made Backstory a surprisingly engaging public-radio show.

Industry | Ship to Shore , by Chiles T. A. Larson

Getting vessels into and out of Hampton Roads is a risky business, which is why the shipping industry relies on harbor pilots.

Food | Tantalizing Tastes , by Richard Ernsberger Jr.

levering Orchard has a cherry disposition.

Home | Carter’s Creek Retreat , by Valerie Hubbard

Inspired by the renovation of their boathouse, a couple has transformed their no-frills weekend home near the bay into a sophisticated space with lots of decorative art from the East. As the interior designer puts it, “the mantra was air, water and light.”

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