August 2003


Shakespeare Summer , by Logan Ward, Susan Hauser & Jo Ann M. Hofheimer

The Bard has never been more popular across Virginia. In Staunton, it’s back to the original. But hold the tomatoes.

The Beach , by Elizabeth Howard, Jake Denton & Jo Ann M. Hoffheimer

We call it The Beach . It used to be a casino town. Today, it’s the place for family trips, surfing, lifeguarding and kayaking.

Golden Skillet Sensation , by Valerie Hubbard

A contender to the fast-food pantheon, Virginia’s Golden Skillet faded. It could have been Krispy Kreme. Maybe it still can.

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Saturday Night Believers , Photography by Chad Hunt

It’s a revival without the altar, praise without the pulpit. Since 1973, crowds have flocked to Hanover County’s Gospel Chicken House.

Columbia Sets Sail Again , by Karis Trumbo

Dubbed Winnebagos on water, made-in-Virgina yachts were regulars in bay marinas.

An Art Gallery Across the State , by Bob Layton

Virginia’s Post Office murals offer history lesson.

Serling Virginia Roots , by Laura Parsons

Early Twilight Zone era was Hamner time.

A Nettlesome Beast, by Henry L. Waller

Adolph’s tenderizer helps but hardly a cure for Nettle Chrysaora Quinquecirrha .


Virginiana | Smokin’ Richmond , by John Toivonen

In a scene pulled from Hogarth, behold a modern Virginia tobacco shop smoker. Plus, an advocate for Virginia’s outdoors.

Restaurants | Virginia Beach , by Jo Ann M. Hofheimer

Tautog’s is low-key and local.

Beauty | Williamsburg , by Tyler Scott

Colonial beauty came from Tarpley’s not Saks.

Travel | New Bedford , by Maria Caprio

Drop anchor to find whales, scallops and that Wall Street miser, Hetty Green.

Property | Dan’s Hill , by Neely Barnwell Spruill

Tobacco country has one of the finest Federal houses in America. And it can be yours.

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