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A New Song, by Don Harrison

After more than a half century of writing and performing, bluegrass mandolin legend and Grand Ole Opry star Jesse McReynolds is still innovating.

Lexington's New Look, by Deveron Timberlake

From thinkers and makers to doers and risk-takers, Lexington is putting on a fresh face. 32 reasons to visit now.

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Gibson Girl, by Meridith Ingram

Luxury home furnishings designer Dana Gibson, a descendent of one of America's most celebrated artists, is every bit the modern woman.

Design of the Times, by Erin Parkhurst

Virginia Center for Architecture expands.

Brooms Up, by Tricia Pearsall

Virginia teams to compete in Quidditch World Cup.

Risky Business, by Joan Tupponce

Tidwater teen to make NASCAR history.

It's a Ska World After All, by Greg Weatherford

Getting around with the Pietasters.


Virginiana | An Honorable Peace, by Chiles T.A. Larson

Remembering General Order No. 9, Robert E. Lee's final words to the Army of Northern Virginia.

Food | An Homage to Fromage, by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Man cannot live by bread alone. Cheese producers are finding ways to tweak the imagination and perk up palates. With photography by Mark Edward Atkinson.

Travel | African Rhapsody, by Kimberley Lovato

A luxe safari to Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park.

Home | Hidden Treasures, by Sandra Shelley

Rokeby is a grand Leesburg estate that once hid the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution from British troops.

Garden | Art for Garden's Sake, by Taylor Pilkington

Waterperry Farm in Free Union is a graden masterpiece 25 years in the making.

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April 2015 Health & Wellness Cover

Health & Wellness

Profile | Going Gladiator, by Greg A. Lohr

When a pair of gym partners had enough of their regular workout, they started their own hardcore training program, and today, they're ready to pump you up. With photography by Adam Ewing.

In Detail | Back to the Future, by Sandra Shelley

What's old is new again in top spa trends for 2015.

Medicine | Heartwise, by Erin Parkhurst

Can EKG screening for youth athletes save lives?

Fitness | To the Rescue, by Taylor Pilkington

The 2015 World Police and Fire Games come to Fairfax.

Food | Totally Turmeric, by Whitney Pipkin

Rooting for good health.