April 2012


Eat, Or Be Eaten! by Mary Burruss

Virginia has plenty of alien critters that are multiplying fast and muscling out native species. What to do? Locavore hunter Jackson landers says get out the frying pan. Join him as he hoes “Invasivore.”

To Catch a Fish , by Clarke C. Jones

We visit Rose River Farm in Syria and Mossy Creek in Harrisonburg to discover why the sport of fly fishing is as much about respecting mature as it is about landing trout.

Creative Economy , by Tim Thornton

Big industry may have foundered in Southwest Virginia, but its reputation as a cultural center is spreading due to an effort to build a nw economy that is as sustainable as it is inventive.

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Writing on the Wall , by Deveron Timberlake

Sandra Beasley has won awards and garnered national media attention for the witty ferocity of her poetry. But this modern-day vagabond believes verse should be as accessible as it is arrested.

Invisible by the Thousands , by Caroline Kettlewell

Ancient and short-lived, fleeting and enduring, the fairy shrimp is a miniature miracle.

In the Pink , by Neely Barnwell Dykshorn and Julie Vanden Bosch

Taking its cue from the faded huntsmen’s jacket, the spring 2012 landscape is transformed by shades of carnation, rose madder and raspberry.

Wise Homecoming , by Bland Crowder

U-2 Pilots return generate excitement, pride.

Portrait of an Author , by Bill Glose

A Virginia biographer tells how a WWII POW became a spokesman of the Vietnam era, earning equal amounts of praise and condemnation along the way.

Paying Tribute , by Sarah Sargent

Folk artist William Clarke mines his memories to capture scenes of a rapidly fading world.


Profile | Urban Explorer , by Holly Timberline

Hollywood stuntman Paul Darnell made it to the big screen by perfecting the art of freerunning–which means employing a combination of athleticism, technique and intelligence to overcome anything that stands in his way.

Sport | Batsman Up! by Matthew Gotlieb

Spring’s “other” sport, cricket, has surprisingly deep roots in the Commonwealth.

Virginiana | Profiles in Leadership , by Erin Parkhurst

As it celebrates its centennial, St. Christopher’s School in Richmond asks the question, “What is a leader?”

Food | A Royal Combination , by Lisa Antonelli Bacon

Caviar and vodka–indulgences worth savoring.

Travel | The City of Light and Beyond , by Chiles T. A. Larson

A visit to Paris, the Loire Valley and Normandy was decades in the making for Chile T. A. Larson. But France’s fabled cathedrals, château and charming city streets were worth waiting for. Reflections on a long awaited sojourn to the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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