Team Deadly Hertz Jeff Lockhart & Tim Johnson 10th Annual Memorial Bass Competition by Droppin Hz

Team Deadly Hertz will be hosting our annual Jeff Lockhart & Tim Johnson Memorial Bass Competition, to commemorate our fallen wmembers.

This show is being hosted for three main reasons. The first and main is to pay tribute and remember the names and lives of Jeff Lockhart and Tim Johnson. Number two is to bring the audio community together for a fun filled weekend of nonstop bass, friendly competition and a chance to hang out with all of our basshead friends and family. Three, to donate to the Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.

THIS IS A 2 DAY SHOW that will be held at Dominion Raceway.

Tons of raffles, badass demos, fun and friendly competition and did I say tons of raffles?

Saturday Night we will have the #TDHLIT after party after the show around 8:30-9PM until close at 1AM, located on the second floor at the track. Please drink responsibly.

The price for admission is $30 per person for the weekend. No charge for kids 13 & below. We will have wristbands so make sure you keep and wear them all weekend or you may get charged for re-entry.

Street Battles day/time will be announced but will be held on the left side parking lot and will be ran by Quann Drayton, Nick Smith, Dennis See, LeAndre Davis and Christen Gutierrez.

The gates will open for our guests at 10am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday. Please line up using the two right lanes so that the left two lanes are open for vendors, judges, TDH members and staff to get through. Sunday please keep all stereos off until noon to respect surrounding churches and residents.

The tribute for Jeff Lockhart will be played around 4:30 PM Saturday and on Sunday the tribute for Tim Johnson will be played at 4:30PM.

4:45 PM each day we will be setting on the second floor to do announcements, awards and raffle drawings.

This year we have something a little different. We have an all inclusive package for four of the organization, NSPL, NADBL, ACCL & Bass Wars for $75. That will be paid at the TDH booth. You can run up to two classes per org unless the judge has more time for you to run extra.

Bass Outlaws will have a separate charge that you pay at the Bass Outlaws booth. It’s $30 for the membership which includes a shirt, decal and one run of a class. $10 addition per rerun or class. If you are already a member it’s just the $10 per class/rerun.

Orgs that we have lined up with the judges are:6X NSPL-Matthew Giese & George Taschler3X NADBL-Jeremy Smithers3X ACCL-Jason SwainBass Outlaws- Monté TuckerBass Wars-Wes StricklandVendors/Sponsors:DC AudioXS Power315 Custom AudioDroppin’ HzBZRK AudioSBCTeam OldhedzAudio ApexSinger AlternatorsSPL AudioBrand XGP AudioUS AltsSolertunedAudio ArtisanDroppin’ HzGaleforce AudioCaire AudioCP AudioRhyno AudioWorksLiberty Bass ShopLF AudioEM AudioDJ Dirty BassPRVSHTMONMToolmakers MetalworkzLAFHump AudioRogue AudioSundown AudioReDBeard RebassResilient SoundsMcLaren AudioSecond SkinTrinity AudioSparked InnovationsShowtime ElectronicsSound Solution AudioTeam Wicked TunezIll CustomzMSA AudioBASSHEAD GarageJS Custom Fuse HoldersKicker AudioNelo Media12V ToolsUS Acoustics

Vendors:Droppin HzCaire AudioLiberty Audio Shop315 Custom AudioSHTNONMDJ Dirty BassSparked InnovationsLAFPRVTriple Dimension Fabrication

Happens on the following Dates:

Mar 23, 2024, 10:00am to

Mar 24, 2024, 1:00am Timezone: EDT

Mar 24, 2024, 11:00am to 9:00am Timezone: EDT

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This event finished on 23 March 2024

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Dominion Raceway in Spotsylvania Virginia

June 11, 2022

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